Author: Tim Romero

Founding a Startup as a Foreigner in Japan – Jason Winder – MakeLeaps

Jason came to Japan from Australia to study martial arts, and his company MakeLeaps is now kicking ass in online invoicing. Jason bootstrapped MakeLeaps himself and he and his partner, Paul Oswald grew the company organically, acquired two of their domestic competitors, and recently became the first Japanese company to receive funding from an AngelList syndicate.

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Why Japan Needs to Change Its Communication Strategy

It was a unique combination of Naoki’s adventure driving through the US, his ongoing frustration in working for a large Japanese firm, and his love of an anime character from his childhood that inspired him to start his own venture and to try to change the way we communicate with each other via translation. Conyac is a collaborative translation platform with an innovative approach to ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Exporting Japan’s Business Card Culture – Chika Terada – Sansan

Business cards are far more important in Asia than they are in the West. Business cards command the same level of respect and deference as the person they belong to. Here in Japan, there are many times when a business conversation cannot get underway until all cards have been exchanged and everyone knows exactly …

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Japan’s Coming Startup Boom

Far too many people, including many of the Japanese themselves, consider Japanese society as inflexible and unable to change. This is simply wrong.

In this kickoff episode we look at what was behind the two disruptive, transformative really, changes that Japanese society has been through in the past, and examine the groundwork that is being laid for the coming startup boom. We nail down …

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