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Live & Unleashed – Our One-Year Anniversary

Disrupting Japan is one year old, and ready to party. To celebrate , we gathered some of the leaders of Tokyo’s startup community together in front of a live audience, had a few drinks, and talked about the future of startups in Japan.

Our panel included perspectives from software, IOT, and venture capital, which led to some interesting discussions.

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Why Your Startup Accelerator is Going to Die – Hiro Maeda

Almost all startup accelerators are going bankrupt and going away.

Hiro Maeda, the founder of two of Japan’s most successful, and most different startup incubators explains both the brief past and precarious future of startup incubators and accelerators. We talk not only about the mechanics and challenges of what it takes to make an incubator successful, but Hiro has some practical advice on when founders should consider joining an accelerator and how they can avoid the 99% of them that provide no real value.

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