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An Inside Look at Japan’s Curious Coding Bootcamps

An Inside Look at Japan’s Curious Coding Bootcamps

The developed world is facing a severe programmer shortage. Around the world, coding boot camps have stepped into this gap to teach newcomers basic programming skills quickly. But in like so many other areas, Japan is different. Coding boot camps have been slow to...

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“As a foreigner doing business in Japan, I find Disrupting Japan is almost a necessity to understand how people are thinking about solving problems, conducting business, and balancing cultural differences.”


Derek Sorkin

Director of Sales, Asia Pacific, GitHub

“I tend to scoff at so called ‘thought leaders’ on Japan. Tim Romero is one of the few I trust. It is very hard to do what Tim does without a deep understanding of technology, startups, and Japanese society. I am a regular fan of Disrupting Japan because he weaves all three so marvelously.”

James Riney

Head of 500 Startups Japan