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Inroads gives you exclusive access to the strategies the most successful global brands use to get traction and grow their business in Japan.

Why You Need to Read Inroads

Every other week you’ll examine a new detailed case study on Japan market entry and market expansion. You will understand the specific, detailed strategies that famous Western firms used to successfully break into Japan and to gain market share here.

From how Oracle used a rock concert to trick the market into thinking that they were #1, to how PayPal managed to get (and keep) regulatory approval from Japan’s notoriously conservative Financial Services Agency, to how one software locked themselves into, and then escaped from a restrictive exclusive reseller arrangement, you’ll hear the secret successes and failures of the most experienced market expansion experts in Japan.

I guarantee that every issue will give you something new and practical about doing business in Japan.

“As a foreigner doing business in Japan, I find Disrupting Japan is almost a necessity to understand how people are thinking about solving problems, conducting business, and balancing cultural differences.”

Derek Sorkin

Director of Sales, Asia Pacific, GitHib

Why I Publish Inroads

tim-romero-pictureI’ve started four companies in Japan and run market entry for foreign firms here, and I’ve had my share of both successes and failures in Japan.

Disrupting Japan is my labor of love. It all started with a podcast back in 2014, and although it took up a lot of my time, my wife was forgiving because, as I explained to her, at podcasting was less expensive and time-consuming than golf. After some consideration, she agreed that podcasting was not so bad as far as husbands’ hobbies go.

Over the next few years Disrupting Japan become far more popular and far more time consuming than I ever imagined, and taking enough of my free time that it would shock even the most avid golfer. And I love every minute I spend on it.

Inroads is the special premium content that allows me to continue to offer the rest of Disrupting Japan for free for everyone forever.

I admit that Japan market entry and market expansion is a niche subject, but for those of us responsible for making sure a foreign company prospers and grows in Japan it’s an endlessly fascinating and challenging topic. Many of the leaders I interview have been my friends for years, and are willing to share their real-world experiences.

There is tremendous value being shared during these interview sessions, and I still learn something new about doing business in Japan every time I put an issue of Inroads together.

“I tend to scoff at so called ‘thought leaders’ on Japan. Tim Romero is one of the few I trust. It is very hard to do what Tim does without a deep understanding of technology, startups, and Japanese society. I am a regular fan of Disrupting Japan because he weaves all three so marvelously.”
James Riney

Head of 500 Startups Japan


Disrupting Japan is a labor of love. Many of the CEOs I interview have been my friends for many years. I believe in Japan, and I love what I’m doing. I still learn something new about doing business here every time I put an new issue of Inroads together, so I’ve priced this at a fraction of the cost of similar market entry and market research reports.

The guests share tremendous insights in every episode. If you are serious about doing business in Japan, you can’t afford not to subscribe.

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