Thanks for ,mm,a.scm . I’d love to have you help support the Disrupting Japan community.

The commubity is a group of very engaged and very passonate listeners

I don’t accept sponsoships from companies I don’t believe in or that woudl not genuinely help the comunnity.

Sponoship slots are quiite limited

If you want more information on listner numbers and demographics, get in touch via the form below or contact me by email.


Full Sponsorship

You are a part of the community. Full sponsorships run for at least six months and most sponsors prefer to have an ad run every-other week.

Work with you to best explain the value you add to the community and why Disruptign Japan listeners shupld know about you,

We’ll sit down together and develop to perfect ad



Web Only Sponsorship


ABout 25% of the peopel who consue disruptign Japan don’t listen to the podcast and more come to the site and read along with the podcats, to these ads are seen and

Theese are taken up by Full sponosrs, but there are two additatl slots that you can use. These sllotss go more quiqly and have shorter time commitmments and and are ideal for thing for thngs like event announcements,


Consulting Enquires